Calm is your Superpower <3

                            Instead of joining in on the anxiety and frantic energy surrounding us at this time, I hope you choose to just hold firm with yourself and take each day as it comes, as natural and peaceful as possible.
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Yes, all of the downfall coming from this unfortunate virus is terrible and I agree it’s very important to take immense precaution and stay on top of sanitizing.
           [Especially for anyone that may already have a compromised immune system.]
But perhaps this pandemic is the Universe trying to give us time to focus on being an actual human being rather than the sleep/work robots this era has turned some of us into. I know it may sound “out there”to you, but what’s more “out there” in my mind, is some people’s unconnectedness to themselves.
                                                             We are human beings.
We are rooted of all different survival patterns, it is just a matter of being so in tune                                         with yourself that you are able to adjust accordingly.
     (also remember that we are born ready to create and conquer our soul’s purpose)
             I always, always try to find the silver lining in anything negative because I am                                          honestly not familiar with any other way to live.
Use this time wisely. Whatever is meant to be will be of your job, your children’s schools, and or local businesses. There is only so much we are physically in control of in our outside world, but we are indefinitely and largely in charge of our inside world. Stay true to your soul during this time. Even when this heaviness passes, know this was a hint of frantic feeling to ignite the fire within you. Life is short, sometimes even shorter than we think, so make sure you do as much as you want while you are here.

Live life from your heart and see where you go 💜✨P.S. ~ enjoy Spring 🌼

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