Vipassana Prepares Us

sojo sunset

On 2/28/19 I did my 3rd ever Vipassana a.k.a: a silent meditation. During this experience I also cried, a lot… In the middle of my room, seated on the floor, legs crossed, relaxed & open palms, face up, tears streaming down my face, chest rippling of internal emotion, I let it all out. Normally I do guided, breathing or sound vibration meditations, so when I’m in a place to crave Vipassana, that means moments of realization are setting in. Especially when you realize and accept that you’re at a pinnacle point in your life & that you’re indefinitely here to accomplish more then what your physical body is capable of…I distinctly remember feeling a few different emotions all at the same time. However, I was able to clearly decipher them amongst each other. Emotions of gratitude, realization, acceptance & gratification. I felt the sharpness of an edge of a turning point though. I could feel it deep within the concave of my chest and I’m assuming the tears appeared to wash away stale thoughts & things and to help make way for new muscle memory. This is why I’m here. It is in this moment I was creating space for what’s ahead.

I’m here to co-create. I’m here to trust my inner guidance system to keep me on a pathway of authentic desires.

Are you aware that e.x.p.a.n.s.i.o.n within yourself is necessary if evolving sounds appealing to you? Pushing yourself beyond where you’ve been & inspiring your own cells to be adventurous is 🔑.

P.s. Becoming a vibrational match for what you envision for yourself is your best bet when trying to manifest your future. It’s that easy. When you figure out what you do want, and know what you don’t want, & only concentrate on the first set of thoughts, that’ll keep you satisfied. Being satisfied allows resistance to be dormant and allows you to free flow. Get satisfied with yourself. Then get motivated to flow forward like a spaceship upstream on a mission to find the top of the waterfall. Not everyday has momentum for you? We all have unmotivated days. The secret is to #flipthescript ~ Flip the script on yourself if you begin to feel any feelings of self doubt, uneasiness, or confusion. Flipping the script on yourself is extremely powerful and beneficial in the matter of  keeping yourself on track. Especially in the dead of winter, these emotions may enter our energy fields triggered by the cold temperatures & lack of sunshine to our skin. Even then, know better to #flipthescript – you have this power!! Whether it be looking through pictures of anything that brings you joy, picking up the phone to call a good friend, making a healthy smoothie—-doing something to literally change how you feel in the instant —- is all under your control. You’re at the point where you’re aware of these changes within yourself —— don’t let the changes alter your inner guidance system. Remain in control of your vehicle at all times 😎 and have a safe ride.

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