Emotional Compass

Hey there, if you’re going through something right now, here’s a thought: it may be beneficial to lean in towards it instead of draw away. Even if leaning in means feeling uncomfortable. Lean in & look from West to East, North to South, pan through your existence & hover over the moments that make you F.E.E.L. Study them for a little bit of time & allow the energy of the universe or the love of God, which ever resonates with you more, to become more comfortable with the feelings. The more familiar you become with new and different emotions, the more trusting we become of ourselves. When you can look at a feeling and name it, talk about it, & delayer it, you gain power over it. YOU GAIN power over IT. Let that sink in. Imagine that. Imagine YOU hovering over your own head —- looking down & being able to see your emotion inside your body. That’s the perspective you should aim to gain this year. I like to call it “The Observer Perspective.” You are always & have always been the observer of what’s going on internally. Whenever your emotional compass is off, you need to recalibrate yourself just like a real compass needs every so often. When certain emotions surface that are normally viewed as “negative emotions,” like feelings of disappointment, embarrassment, irrational, resentment, anger, jealousy, or fear, instead of viewing those emotional responses as triggers to your soul, try to view these fuzzy feelings as moments to gain clarity that teach us where we are holding back in our lives. Their existence has the ability to teach us to rise up, lean in, hold on, handle shyt, when we’d rather collapse or tip toe away from it. This is part of your internal & emotional compass. These emotions are like mini messengers that show us with eye-opening clarity, exactly where we are stuck. This very moment is the perfect one to learn from. In these spaces of feelings, we expand. These types of emotions provide us with a type of growth that is exponential for us and it is here, in our vulnerability and openness where we step into our greatest & best selves. There’s something extremely powerful about the parts of your life that “seem” dark.
This is actually an opportunity to sit alone and reflect in. It is now that you gain wisdom that can only be found in silence with oneself. Towards the end of this mini little retreat with yourself when you realize that you’re in the process of transmuting darkness into radiant, loving, acceptance, and understanding, you develop an appetite for light & only light.

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