The Best You.

You want to be the best you?

Then do the things you think are B.E.S.T.

— things that bring a wholesome feeling within your heart.

The things that you spend your time doing when you are free, creates the person you are.

Your hobbies are your souls favorite ingredients.

A hobby should draw passion from within yourself and when you aren’t in touch with your inner self, trouble usually knocks on your door.

Trouble is a product of resistance.

When you resist your TRUE path In life, friction occurs in and around your life. Friction is often disguised as financial problems, health problems, relationship issues, even issues with authority. All these problems or “obstacles” that seem to exist in your life, exist because you put them there.

Your decisions of life should be rooted by each passion that lives inside of you.

If they aren’t, –well, then you are making the conscious choice to resist your true self.

[Living up to your potential, a.k.a your true self, is a flowing, happy, easy-going, ON-going adventure. Your true self is never stagnant. It is always moving, flowing, and going. Your true self is motivated to explore the depths and layers of who you are.]

 Honor your soul.

beach bend





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