Improve your life with these Self Care habits!


TODAY Did you Remember to …

1.) Wake up and do something for yourself BEFORE you touched your phone?….Brew your coffee, start your morning hygiene routine, stretch, practice GRATITUDE 🙂
2.) Make healthy eating choices?
3.) Express love towards your family?
4.) STAY HYDRATED throughout the day?
5.) Meditate or pray?
6.) Participate in active movement? – go for a walk, exercise, yoga
7.) Express appreciation towards everyone you come in contact with throughout the day?
8.) Practice mindfulness? (Preferably in nature)
9.) Stimulate yourself Intellectually? (reading or learning)
10.) Contributed to your financial situation in some way? (either worked or reviewed your earnings/bills)

If you answered no to any of the questions above, you may want to try adding these simple Self Care habits to your daily regimen.

SELF CARE?   What’s that?

Most of you have at least heard the term by now, but some of you may lead such busy lives that you forget to take care of the most important person in your life; YOU! When you are busy raising a family, managing a business, coaching a team, or even just keeping up with the fast pace era we live in, it is very easy to fall behind on taking care of yourself. Have you ever heard Eleanor Brown’s saying, “You can’t pour from an empty vessel?” Well she couldn’t be more spot on and you must become your own TOP priority. Everyday you need to wake up with intentions of lighting a fire under your own tush in order to tackle your day with the correct amount of motivation. Considering how today’s population is a lot busier then past generations, self care is easily put on the bottom of everyones lists. In order to be successful, you must nurture yourself to become the most abundant ingredient of your day. Practicing self care habits will fill up your vessel quite nicely.

Inventions like the internet have completely changed our lives and using it takes up a lot of our time each day, but we still need to remain intelligent enough and know when to take a break to just exist as a human being. Even though we are very appreciative of the ability to “get ahead” on the World Wide Web, we really need to focus on getting ahead inside of ourselves. Engaging in our inner work (the only real way to get “ahead” on the inside) should consist of becoming more mindful of the little things in life. When you take time to appreciate the normalcy that surrounds you, it makes any “unplanned” events life throws at you easier to navigate. It also helps keep you from entering auto-pilot in your day to day life. What is the point of living if you are unable to look around and feel good about the life you are building? Additionally, something to keep in mind after you persevere through anything new: always take time to reflect. Reflection is the stance of life where self realization occurs and growth is born.

P.S. — Remember to take time to unplug, eat healthy, and really begin to focus on Y.O.U!


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