Creating shifts for yourself ensures that you will live an evolving life!

Start right where you are, with what you have, envision your goal, make a plan, and reach for your dreams. Every.Single.Day. 

            Some days will be easier then others and some days you will have to push yourself. Some days you will just coast through not sure of what you are feeling and that is okay. The days that make everything worth it though, are the days where you feel creativity in your veins, perhaps the atoms in your body are just over-flowing with joy to the point where they release motivational hints to your motor cortex and finger tips at the same time. 

                                                                Envision that. 

Give yourself a dose of nature, breathe it in and let it impact you just like that.

sunset tree stand

After all, it’s everything we are made of; the trees, the sand, the galaxies, the moon, the ocean, everything naturally beautiful that you can think of is everything you are made of. 

[ This is where I recharge ]

When you let nature work it’s magic on your senses, well, 

That’s how you transform. 

That’s how you shift from where you are to where you’d like to be, and if you attend to your passion correctly, you’ll continue to shift proportionally to your dedication.

Creating shifts for yourself ensures that you will live an evolving life.

The reality is………you only have one life in this human body that you are currently standing in right now. What do you want to do with yourself? Where do you want to go? What do you want to see and experience while YOU have the opportunity to do as you please? 







Make something of yourself-

Something to leave behind;

Something to pass down.

You can literally pick what-ever-you-want, but pick something!

Be courageous.

Make yourself proud.

Respond to your curiosities.

Learn from each day you get through,

and before you go to bed every night, give love to the people God gave you to support you through this journey. ♥️✌🏼

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