Try this Positive Concentration Experiment to Live and Feel Gratitude!


Over the past few months of thoroughly enjoying guided meditations and inspirational speakers defining infinite intelligence, I have come to the realization that when you overly concentrate on the positive things that already exist in your life, and pay zero mind to “what is missing,” in your life, an even stronger force of energy will result from that positive concentration. In fact, the size of the energy could quite possibly double, producing an entirely new energy type resulting in direct alignment with the things you have been manifesting or working towards in your life!

As I begin my journey in achieving a scorpion pose above, I am also beginning an experiment to see if I can adjust my positivity levels to raise them even higher then they already are. Keep in mind, my day to day life does have bumps here and there, just as everyone else, although I only chose to focus on the good things.

Below is a list I created that I’d like to start concentrating on each day. When I read each point, I will hold the thought for 12 seconds and allow the positive vibrations of the thought to flow throughout my being. Give them a try, and try to hold each one for a few moments. See how you feel afterward 🙂


I love being aware of this present moment

I appreciate the gift of being intune with my inner being

I am grateful for my access to freedom of my thoughts

I thrive off of the security I provide myself and my family

I acknowledge the roots of divine light that create my positivity

I value the flow of vibrations from one passion of mine to another

I account for the unique variety of particles, molecules, and atoms I made up of

I benefit from keeping my mind as open as possible

I profit from connecting with like minded souls

I honor every lesson put on my path as a definite hint from God & the Universe combined

I give thanks to the energy I feel and give to others to assist the growth of compassion in the world

I enjoy the visualization of filling up my body with several bright rays of light representing gratitude

I am the observer of every sensation that goes through my body

I witness  all thoughts that grow in & around my source of being

I choose to only absorb positive energy into my sacred space

I delight in high frequency life style choices

I choose the brilliancy of my emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical mind

I have control over the information wavelengths that I allow my entire self to accept

I crave the feeling of my brain waves synching to the frequencies of nature

I am energy, energy is me 🙂

(I purposely withheld any periods at the end of each thought with the intention that the thought will not fully end, and will continue to drift off into a further plane of reality)

Hope you are closer to understanding how one can “Live and Feel Gratitude” just as easy as they water their plants. Our souls needs nourishment too!

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