Remain Stable

Even as the world turns, you can remain stable in your connectedness.

Life has the ability to over-sensitize and desensitize us with the same scenarios.

What happens next is up to us.

As our emotions have grown into what they are today, our perceptions have been molded based on our surroundings.

Coincidentally as a child you had little control over your environment.

Now being an adult, the world is yours!

It’s your time to create your own perceptions, realities, mistakes, lessons, and love.

Keep in mind, we repeat what we don’t repair and even though you may not have caused a wound you have from your past, you are responsible for your own healing.

This isn’t a topic that is widely spoken or conversed about, but it should be.

Healing is badass.

You are badass.

And so is whatever got you this far.

You may or may not have the same motivation each day, but if your body systems have the ability to renew from a wound, so do you; for you are the creator of them! 🦋💋

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